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Q: How do I join?
A: Please refer to our How to Join page.

Q: When can I register and/or purchase kit?

A: The registration office is open on the second Tuesday of every month (usually in line with club night) between 18h45 and 19h30. If you need to register or purchase kit, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make an appointment.

Q: When is club night?
A: Second Tuesday of every month.

Q: Am I allowed to come to club night even if I’m not a member?
A: Everyone is welcome to join us at club night!

Q: How do I order for club night?
A: A survey goes out in the newsletter during the week before club night.

Q: I am not getting the newsletter?
A: You can subscribe here.

Q: What must I wear at races?
A: An Edgemead Runners racing top available from the office and black bottoms. Bottoms may have small branding but must be predominantly black. We have other kit that can be worn after races, but you cannot attach your licence number to this shirt and run with it.
You may wear a white, black or same colour red long sleeve under your shirt when it’s cold. No other colours are permitted. Running jackets may be worn at races, but your licence number must be visible to the referees at the finish line.

Q: When is Time Trial?
A: Every Tuesday at 18h00.

Q: Am I allowed earphones at Time Trial?
A: Unlike at races, earphones are not banned at TT, however, we do advise against it as it is dangerous.

Q: Do you have stock of a particular size or style of top?
A: It is best to come down to the office to see what is available as we do not know what is available off hand without being in the office.

Q: I need to register online for a race but I can’t remember my licence number, it is at home. Registration closes today. Can you help?
A: The committee does not keep a list of your licence numbers with them. If you forgot your licence number and need to register for a race online, they can assist you if it is a Tuesday when the office is open and they have the information available to them.

Q: How much does registration cost?
A: This can be found here.

Q: What does club kit cost?
A: This can be found here.


Fitness and Friendship