Fitness and Friendship

Club History

Although the official history of the Edgemead Runners begins with the first members running in the club colours on 1 August 1992, its origins can be traced to an article which appeared in the Edgemead News (Vol.17 No 5) of December 1991.


The time has come to start a local running club. I need your support in getting this club off the ground. This call goes out to every person that owns a pair of running shoes or plans to. From the “Ultra” runner to the “Thinking about it” runner. Also runners that are presently running for other clubs. We need your support.

The benefits could include:

  • Local time trials
  • Getting to know other runners in Edgemead
  • Organised training runs
  • Running in Edgemead colours
  • Fun runs
  • Motivation to do that little bit extra
  • Social events
  • Putting Edgemead on the MAP
  • Local amenities (running is thirsty work)”

To make this possible I need to know how many of you people are interested in a local running club. All you have to do for the moment is pick up your phone and dial 4194107(w) or 580416(h) before the end of September and give me your support. Then watch this space for More News! In anticipation of your support.”

With this anonymous notice, Patrick Fear planted the seed for the establishment of the club. He and his young family – wife, Ingrid and twins - had recently moved into Edgemead from the Transvaal. Patrick had previously been a member of Midrand Striders and many of the initial features of the club including the motto were adapted from this club.

He proceeded to compile a list of interested people who had responded to the article in the Edgemead News and early in 1992 a formal meeting of these respondents was called.

Rob le Roux recalls: “Towards the end of February 1992 those appearing on ‘the list’ were summoned to a meeting to be held on 11 March in the cricket clubhouse. A very enthusiastic meeting of about thirty-six folk was held and a volunteer steering committee was set up to go ahead with the necessary requirements to establish a running club in Edgemead. It was unanimously decided that the club would be called EDGEMEAD RUNNERS and would link with the soccer club in restricting the club colours to red, white and black. It was also stipulated that the name of the club should appear in bold print on both the front and back of the vest.” It was also decided that an organised weekly time trial would be held from the Edgemead Shopping Centre commencing the following Tuesday. This ritual continues to this day, except the starting point is from the Edgemead sportsfields.

The club colours are, vests with the top half in red and the bottom in white, worn with black shorts. The name, Edgemead, is written in white on the red portion of the vest.

The motto of the club is Fitness and Friendship and the emphasis of the club is to be a community based athletic club. The club has a large road running following with walkers becoming involved in the last few years.

The club house is situated at the Edgemead Minor Hall in Edgemead Drive, Edgemead.


Fitness and Friendship